Demokrasi dan Hukum dalam Bingkai Wawasan Kebangsaan

Christina Maya Indah


Democracy need law supremacy that guarantee of equality, respect for
human right, justice, protection, and respect for civil and political right
in the frame of unity in diversity perspective. Nation perspective intent
to be a culture in democracy and law as the institution of multicultural
society. Democracy refuses destructive harmonization in the perspective
of nation. Monoculturalism politic, domination, hegemony, radicalism,
stereotype, discrimination, majority and minority dichotomy with support
by law of sectarian are an anomaly of democracy in multiculturalization
condition. The respect of dignity human being in law only can be built as
long as no relation sectarianism in group ideology with politic afϔiliation,
and politics of recognition of multiculturalism according Pancasila as the
source of source of law. In the frame of nation perspective, democracy will
be characterized of law which agree with peace building. Revitalization of
nation perspective can be done through dissemination of peace education
in order to reach solidarity and tolerancy as the public awareness.

Keywords: Democracy, Law, Nation, Perspective


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