Gerakan Sosial Tanpa Kekerasan (Gerakan Sosial Masyarakat Samin Terhadap Rencana Pembangunan Pabrik Semen di Sukolilo, Pati)

Rini Darmastuti


The social movement conducted by Samin people was a sole and unique
movement. The movement that was done in order to reject cement plant
construction constitutes nonviolent and anti-anarchy movement. The peaceful
or nonviolent way based on Samin’s local wisdom became the strategy used
in this protest movement. Non-verbal comm unication in the form of “silence”
and using “tembang” was used in this movement. In Samin’s perspective, the
non-violent and anti-anarchy movement will have great effects. The principal
of this movement was really inϔluenced by Javanese culture. This paper was
based on the research result done in the life of Samin people in Sukolilo. Data
collection methods used in the ethnography of communication were in-depth
interviews, participative observation and document analysis.

Keywords: Social movement, Samin people, Non-violant way, Tembang

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