The Maker of History: Pemimpin yang Berwawasan Oikumenis di Indonesia

Eibenhaizer I.N Timo


Leader is one of the most important key in moving the organization’s
life and promote life together. However the role of leaders is only 20%
compared to the followers in the dynamics of the organization, but leaders
become role models and inspiration ϔigures. This article discusses about
the role of leader in the context of the ecumenical movement. The author
tries to extend the understanding of the ecumenical movement is not just
an efforts towards the uniϔication of Christians, but to the understanding of
the early ecumenical, the inhabited world, which refers to how the leader
of the Christian being a role model and inspiration in an effort to bring
together the various components of the community who inhabit the earth
for unite to build the world. Some Christian leaders in Indonesia who are
leaders in many ϔields, the author adopted as a spotlight in this discussion.
They include: Oerip Notohamidjojo for education, WS Renda in the ϔield of
art, and Basuki Tjahaja Purnama in the arena of politics and government.

Keywords: Leader, Ecumenical Movement, Churches in Indonesia

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