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Sulastri Effendy

Bio Statement The use of various modern interdisciplinary therapeutic measures and the improved customer orientation allowed the average consumption of external glucocorticosteroids to be reduced from about 400 triamcinolone equivalents best shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis scalp in 1995 to about 160 triamcinolone equivalents in 1996 (relative to 1,800 patients) with comparable diagnostic tests. More important than ever - the competence of the outpatient physician. For the home environment we are prepared in time for outpatient therapy. For example, if allergologically relevant, the restoration is initiated by at least one patient with atopic dermatitis during the stationary stay in the case of atopic dermatitis, or else causes an inhalation device to be available in the case of asthmatics after stationary discharge.

The more chronic a disease is, the more necessary is the patient's knowledge of his suffering, and the more important is an optimal collaboration with the house and skin doctors. For this purpose the optimization of the information paths is necessary. It should always be attempted to give the patient the doctor's letter. If this is not the case seborrheic dermatitis home treatment, for example, because a final assessment of any outstanding findings is necessary, the patient will present a preliminary letter to his doctor, which contains all the necessary information to enable a complete post-hospital therapy.

The PsoriSol Clinic for Dermatology and Allergology is used not only by classical methods, such as training sessions and symposia, but also by a quarterly bulletin, to keep the established colleagues informed about new diagnostic and therapeutic findings and their consequences for their daily work , but also the Internet seborrheic dermatitis scalp cure. An information level has been created at, which also allows contact via e-mail. Chronic skin diseases often lead to further disorders that require simultaneous cooperation with other specialist areas.

In addition to interdisciplinary medical diagnostics and therapy, psychological, ecotrophological and other specialist competencies are necessary to treat the disease well. In order to achieve long-term effects, the therapeutic measures must be optimized in the interaction with the ambulatory area. For this purpose, patient competences must be trained and then the therapeutic responsibility must be handed over to the patient as far as possible. Quality management is used to optimize treatment measures and to make comparisons with treatment physicians and costumers by transferring treatment results.