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This is the place where the National Monk Nguyen Minh Khong Ly Buddhist and Buddhist ceremony on the mountain and then named the mountain, pagoda. Footsteps of St. Nguyen dense everywhere. He was born in Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province. At the time of birth, Nguyen Minh Khong was the most talented physician, a virtuous monk. He discovered the scenery, the mountains to the west as the land of Buddha, forest mountains with numerous precious medicinal plants. And he chose to stop here to practice and turn this place into a "pharmacy garden" to save the world. He directly took medicine for the people thanks to the precious medicines available here and some he brought from other places to plant. He was also considered the god of medicine for the "tiger" treatment of King Ly Than Tong (1128-1138). King Ly Than Tong styled him as a national teacher, excise tax for a few hundred households. He became the first monk of the Ly dynasty in Vietnam's history, also the first to apply healing methods of medicine and acupuncture.

As a real character, there are many great healing for the king and the people but sometimes there are mysterious behavior so the Vietnamese worship him is St. Nguyen. Not only a famous doctor that Nguyen Minh Khong is also known as the founder of bronze casting. He is the contributor to the "Four great gas" famous in our country, the Ly Dynasty, Bao Dien, Quy Dien bell, Quynh Lam Buddha statue, and Pho Minh cauldron. He has made great contributions to the development of Vietnam's national culture in terms of medicine, fine arts, tourism Vietnam visa and is the foundation for the development of Vietnamese culture. Male from generation to generation. With their admiration and gratitude, the people of Ninh Binh, Nam Dinh as well as some other provinces have sculpted statues, set up temples for the Nguyen saints to survive the same time. Enlightenment is the convergence of mountains, rivers, national spirituality and of excellence. The nature of creativity in favor of the children of Ninh Binh landscape painting water, human beings also contribute to honor and beauty of the landscape of creativity. All brought Bai Bai become a sparkling sparkling, multi-color, thousand years spiritual, thousand years legend.